The Best Video Streaming Platform in 2021 and More People are Earning Money From It

What is the best video streaming platform in 2021? and let’s find out how more and more people are earning money in making video content on this money-making website.

300 videos are uploaded every minute, and a billion videos are watched every day on Youtube; that is why this video streaming platform is still the best in 2021. Not only that, Youtube is one of the income sources of many online entrepreneurs. Yes! You can monetize your videos on Youtube.

If you are still not creating your own channel on youtube, you’re missing a lot. from building your brand and losing an audience that will someday convert into consumers if you start your own business. And like I’ve said, losing a future passive income.

Starting a Youtube channel is easy and free, and you have all the resources to create your own. Looking for a tutorial on how to start a youtube channel?! Watch it on youtube! There are hundreds of video tutorials in there. From creating your account, banner, profile, optimization, and many more…

The best video streaming platform in 2021
The best video streaming platform in 2021


Why Youtube is the best video streaming platform in 2021

  • Can upload more video content for the audience
  • Extra traffic source
  • Income source
  • Reach more audience
  • Videos appear in Google results.
  • Your videos stay as long as you keep them on your channel.
  • Worldwide
  • A personal connection

Youtube can do a lot to your online journey, though,  from brand awareness, business promotion, and a knowledge base source.

Can upload more video content for the audience

Uploading more videos on youtube can create more engagement. The more video uploaded by a channel, the more it will rank on YouTube’s first page. It means high-ranking, more views, more money.

Quality video’s that you upload will increase subscriber count. Your video quality will determine and maintain subscribers to your channel.

Inconsistency in creating quality videos will lose the interest of your viewers and subscriber. Be consistent!

Extra traffic source

Promoting your blog, channel, brand, and business on youtube can drive traffic to whatever you want to promote.

Video streaming content attracts views a lot than a written type content.

Consistent quality video content on youtube creates more subscribers, and you can drive them into where you want them to drive.

Linking what you want to promote in your video description and a clear call to action for your viewers will highly produce extra traffic sources to your website, business, or brand.

Income Source

To become a Youtube partner is one of the main goals of many YouTubers, To create a monthly passive income.

Before you become a youtube partner, there is a requirement for subscribers and views that you need to reach. A 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours are required for each channel to monetize it.

Once your site is monetized, ads will be displayed on your videos, and that will start you earning from youtube.

But, not only thru youtube ads, you can make money. Other video creators on youtube make money even they’re site is not yet monetized.

Other ways to make a profit on youtube

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored ad
  • Selling own product
  • Crowdfunding

Reach more audience

Why is Youtube better than Google in terms of ranking in search? Usually Google, Google will show only the most relevant keyword type if someone searches something. Youtube is the same. Youtube has a special feature: when the audience watches a video similar to your video, Youtube video suggestions will show to that audience.

The video appears in Google result.

Youtube is now owned by Google, which means that your video has a high chance to appear in Google search engine when someone types a keyword related to your videos.

The more your videos appear in the Google search engine, the more views you will get, and Google will reward you for ranking higher.

Your videos stay as long as you keep them on your channel.

Being a video streaming website, Youtube keeps videos in the database. It means, as long as youtube is active online, your videos will stay active too on the platform.


Being the second most visited site globally, Youtube monthly visitors reach to this day around 2 billion.

Imagine how many people can be watched your videos worldwide, and it will surely make you a star once your video goes viral. Or your business or brand reach is totally wider.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your channel now! Who knows? Maybe someday you will be the next big thing on youtube like Mr. Beast or PewDiePie.

To help you prepare for your Youtube journey, visit the video streaming toolkit shop and find out toolkit and equipment in video streaming…

I hope this short article helps you what Youtube can do to you and your business or brands and Why, in my opinion, Youtube is the best video streaming platform in 2021.





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