Learn how Easily you can Build a Website

Learn how easily you can Build a Website from a Scratch in this article
Far from being techy to my previous job, searching to find other things that will help me to excel in different fields, I ended up reading one book (click millionaires by Scott Fox) that lights the inner flame on me.
The book motivates me to enter and learn the basics of building a personal website and what I’m going to do with it. I immediately apply what I’ve learned from the book and never look back.
Reading some other books and watching videos about building a website, to Seo and marketing strategy by taking a small step forward at a time.
I learned the basics of creating my Website without hiring a website developer, and even without knowing in coding.

Anyone can build a website.

Learn how easily you can Build a Website
Learn how easily you can Build a Website

Yes, it’s true!
I’ve done it myself. Before, I doubt whether a person without knowing anything about web design, programming, and coding can create a website.
The Internet era is mighty! from connecting people(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) around the world and to searching for anything you can think of in the search engine (Bing, Google) and most importantly, you can learn so many things just by surfing the web and watching free and paid online learning sites (youtube, udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, etc.) You can choose any topics you’re interested in and understand it. Me? I prefer website design and online marketing; it becomes my passion and hobby. Working for long hours in front of my laptop without noticing the time passes is what I want to do.
Of course! You can learn it too. Here’s what you need to start;

Learn how easily you can Build a Website

there are two essential things you need to build and make your Website live on the internet.

1. Domain name

  • A domain name usually ends at .com, .net, .org, etc. extension of your preferred name on the web. It is your website name. You can see it in your browser’s search URL bar when you type it in the search box.

    Doamin naame in URL bar
    a Domain name in the URL bar
  • Brainstorm the name that you like and check if it is available on the web. You can check your domain name on Namecheap.com.
  • Choose the best keyword representing your site name; the keyword is significant for you to rank your Website in the search engine.


2. Web hosting

  • web hosting is where your website “lives” on the internet. Your WebHost is where all your files will be stored to be available when the user searches your Website in the search bar.
  • The Webhosting I will recommend is Namecheap. this hosting company is also the WebHost provider for all of my owned Website
  • Namecheap powers 1.5 million websites, whether it is small or Business websites
  • Namecheap Hosting Plans
    Namecheap Hosting Plans

Benefits for Using Namecheap Hosting

  • No Hidden fees (what you see is what you get)
  • Free hosting migrations, if you have a previous hosting provider, you can migrate your host for free in NameCheap
  • the most important is the host support that will help you 24/7 through chat and live video


1. Choose Your Plan

Namecheap Host Plans
Namecheap Host Plans


2. Register Your Domain name; type your domain name in the “FIND A DOMAIN NAME” to check the availability of your preferred domain name

  • If you have an existing domain, Click the “existing domain name” box
Domain name registration in namecheap
Domain name registration in Namecheap


3. When Your Preferred Domain name is available, click “Connect to Hosting.”

"Continue" Namecheap Domain name registration
Namecheap Domain name registration


4. Then, Click “ADD TO CART” to continue with the Billing and Registration Process

  • After clicking the “add to cart” button, it will redirect you to this page.


Billing and Add-Ons
Billing and Add-Ons
  • In the Menu above You can select a variety of plans for your subscriptions that suits your need for your Website, like how many years you want your domain name to renew in Namecheap hosting
  • An option like 1 – 5 years is available for your domain renewal and one month, one year, or two years for your Web hosting renewals
  • in the second image above, the Website improving Option is available
  • SSL is the only important Option for me because it will make your site secure and trust for users to browse in your WebsiteSSL

if you have an SSL certificate installed in your hosting account, you will see a “LOCKED” icon on the left side of your search bar, and your website name will become “https” instead of “Http.”
That means your Website is safe for users to browse, and they will trust your Website, especially if you have an e-commerce website.

  • After you select  all the options you need for your Website, click the “Confirm Order” button
  • it will redirect you to the Create Account page, in here you need to create an account

5. Create An Account

Create Account Page
Create Account Page
  • Select the Right-hand side menu to register an account, on the left-hand side is for the existing NameCheap users
  • fill all the required fields, then click the “Create Account  and Continue” button
Billing information address
Billing information address

after clicking the create account and continue, it will redirect it to your dashboard, complete all the fields for your billing information

6. Billing Information

Payment Method
Payment Method

Fill out the fields for your payment method and Continue.
And you did it! But,  there still something for you to install so that you can start working with your Website, and that is installing WordPress

How to Install WordPress in NameCheap

What is WordPress?Wordpress

WordPress is a CMS (Content management system) that powers 35% of websites in the world. WordPress is powerful for blogging, with lots of free themes and plug-ins Option to choose.

  • Log-in to your Namecheap account or Log-in to your Cpanel


  • Look for the Softaculous icon and Click.


    Softaculous Installer
    Softaculous Installer
  1. Select WordPress and install

  • WordPress will provide you an admin and password to sign in to WordPress, and also you will receive it to your registered E-mail account.
WordPress Installer
WordPress Installer


  •      After logging in to WordPress, you will see your dashboard that looks like this.

    WordPress Dashboard
    WordPress Dashboard

Now, the fun part begins, and that is Designing your Website
First, you need to select themes for your Website-there are already installed themes in WordPress, and you can also change the themes by going to “Appearance” then select”themes.”

Wordpress themes
WordPress themes

WordPress has many free and paid themes available for download.
You can activate any theme installed, or you can “add new” to get a new theme from the WordPress themes library.

WordPress themes
WordPress themes

Changing themes in WordPress is the simplest thing to do to customize your site looks, but WordPress has a lot of customization you can do.
That’s how easily you can learn how to build your Website; you only need is to start today to explore and discover because there are so many ways and things to do once you started working with your Website.

If you need help, please feel free to drop me your comments or message in the comment section, and I will respond personally

I hope this article guide will help you on how you can start to create and build your Website.

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