How to Drive Traffic to your Website
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How to Drive Traffic to your Website 2021

In this topic on how to drive traffic to your website in 2021, you will learn the easiest method to drive traffic to your website and how to optimize your online presence.

After creating your website, you gonna ask yourself, and like other website owners or bloggers how people will know that your website or blog exist? or What next?

It is how to drive traffic to your website or blog that you hardly prepare and written that put yourself much effort into your work.

Not only that, traffic or visitor to your website is your main goal for your website to rank in google and other search engines.

Let’s break it down!

How to Drive Traffic to your Website

#1. Post on Social Media

You have to get active on social media. It’s a must for all online marketers.

leverage your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc.)by posting blogs or pages you want to rank or want your visitor to visit on your website.

Think like your social media is just your passageway for people to land on your website through your content or blog posts, link your website to all of your social media accounts.

#2. Advertise

Another common method used is advertising your website or any other online business that you want to promote. advertising is the fastest way to drive traffic and bring in front of people your brand.

Paid traffic is so obvious in attracting visitors whether to get sales or for promoting your brand.

paid traffic is very common, like google and many social media that you can place your ads, depending on your needs. but, of course, you have to pay money for it,

before you get into paid ads make sure that you know your target audience so that you will have the best result in your ads.


#3. Good Seo

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, you have to target a keyword that people are searching on the internet, long-tail keyword that has high search volume and low competition is your goal to drive traffic to your website and rank on the first page of google.

There are many Seo tools (for example, SEMrush) out in the market that automates, analyze, and optimize your site. your advantage if you are using Seo tools is that you can see where your visitors are coming from, what they are engaging most on your website, and their demographics.

From there you can optimize and create content that is engaging to your visitors, the more time your visitors spend on your website the more chance and better results to rank your website or brand on google.

#4. E-mail marketing

Email is good for promoting any offers and drive traffic to your website.

Make your e-mail list and lead magnet to build sales funnel. Opt-in on your website is very important to increase your visitors that later converts as your customers and will turn into sales.

Create and send emails to your subscribers that will keep them engage in your site. generate more quality content and share it with your subscribers through e-mail.

One of the best email marketing out in the market is GetResponse clink the link to check these awesome email marketing tools that automate your email marketing campaign.

#5. Engage in Quora

What is Quora anyway? Quora is a question and answer website on any topic. You can also ask a question in Quora, for example: How to drive traffic to your website?

You can see that many people will answer your question and you will end up on their landing page in continuing reading their answer.

With millions of visitors each month, Quora is one of the best places to promote and drive traffic to your website for free by simply answering questions and link back to your pages or blog post you want to rank.

Just answers a question as much as you can and see the result for days or weeks the traffic that will come to your website from quora by simply answering questions related to your niche.

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#7. Create a Youtube Channel

Make videos! create your youtube channel with your niche or do some tutorials. Videos are much more to attract visitors to drive traffic into your website.

it’s free and by being the second largest search engine in the world with 3 billion visitors every month, promoting a brand or business on youtube will attract a large number of visitors to your website whether on a paid advertisement or through your youtube channel.

Making Quality content and consistent videos sooner or later your channel will grow and will gain more subscribers each day that you can drive them into your landing page on your website.


Learn and Grow

These are just a few of many ways on how to drive traffic to your website, focus on your content by making good value to your audience that your audience will continue visiting your website.

There’s no magic or a fast track to developing consistent traffic, it needs hard work and patience.

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