How to make money online for beginners
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16 ways on how to make money online for beginners

The Internet can be a great place to earn an extra income, whether it is in addition to work and study or whether you want to create your own work from home.

We have all thought that “there must be a good way to make money online.”

..and fortunately, there are many ways to make money online from home.

The only problem is that many articles on the subject send us in the completely wrong direction.

That’s why we’ve created this list of 16 ways on how to make money online for beginners that actually works. 

Several of the methods in this overview will be able to give you a good (either active or passive) income for a long time to come if you put in the work required to succeed.

Nothing comes for free in this life, but if you are ready to put in some effort, there are many opportunities to make good money online.

16 ways on how to make money online for beginners – that actually works:

1. Start your own online store

Online Store
Online Store

Starting an online store is one of the best ways to make money online, even your a beginner, and the most popular ways to make money online today.

E-commerce is growing strongly – and growth is expected to increase enormously in the years ahead.

This offers good opportunities for you who want to make money online.

There are many ways to create an online store.

The easiest way to get started with your own online store and make money even for beginners is using Shopify.

Shopify is the world’s most popular online storage service and not without reason.

Setting up an online store with Shopify is both quick, easy, and inexpensive.

All you need to get started is a subscription that costs about 49 dollars a month and a domain name. Then you are up and running.

In other words, it is possible to create a good online store that really makes money.

If you are a little technical, you can create a nice online store in an afternoon with Shopify.

You can either sell your own products and have inventory, or you can “drop ship” products from, for example, China (via Aliexpress) and sell them in other markets for a higher price.

Then you avoid all the work of having your own inventory.

But remember this: to succeed with an online store, it is necessary to learn marketing.

Be prepared to learn how to run advertising campaigns on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Ideally, you should also learn Google advertising and email marketing as well.

Fortunately, many online courses will teach you the marketing you need, this digital marketing academy.

2. Make Money on YouTube

Make money on youtube
Make money on youtube

Do you enjoy making or editing videos? Then starting a YouTube channel is a fun way to earn extra income.

Youtube is now Norway’s largest TV channel measured in the number of viewers. Of course, if you are comfortable with English, the market is absolutely huge.

On Youtube, you can monetize the ads that are seen on your channel. Besides, you can make money by having product placement from brands in your videos.

What the channel does is cut together others’ funny gaming videos and publish them.

On Youtube, it’s about finding a niche you can really specialize in. It can be anything from gaming to fashion, makeup, fail-videos, testing of different products, or other things you are interested in.

How Much Money Can You Make On Youtube?

On average, you can expect to earn ($3 – $5) per. 1000 video views. Also, there are any brand collaborations you can also make a lot of money on.

3. Make money on surveys

Survey sites
Survey sites

You do not get rich by taking surveys online. But if you are looking for some quick hundred bucks without hard work, it may be worth taking a closer look!

You can make money on surveys, but it is also common to win prizes or gift cards at well-known online stores.

At Prizerebel, Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, you can choose whether you want to get paid in cash or a huge selection of gift cards.

Usually, you have to provide some demographic information such as where you are from, whether you are a girl or a boy, how old you are, etc.

The surveys will often also ask about your interests, buying habits, and relationships with different brands.

To make the most of surveys, it is good to register with 2 or more sites to receive as many surveys as possible.

This is because the number of surveys you want to access from each provider per week is limited. If you register with several people, you will thus have the opportunity to earn more money.

Some of the most popular survey sites are:

 4. Sell services you can offer at Fiverr


Fiverr is a portal that allows you to sell your services to others online.

Can you design logos, create websites, or produce music and video?

Maybe you can write content for websites, program and develop apps, work on search engine optimization, or create social media?

The service you offer can be as simple as a language translator or more comprehensive tasks such as being a virtual assistant for a company or person.

These are just some of the services that are in high demand at Fiverr.


5. Create an online course Udemy or Teachable

Online Couse
Online Couse

If you have some skills you can teach others, you can make money selling courses online.

Are you good at cooking? Playing an instrument? Exercise or diet? Edit photos or videos? Dance? Draw? Measure? Write? Create websites?

Whatever your skill is, you can create a course about it and get paid when people buy the course from you.

As you can see, there are good opportunities to make money on courses, and many have earned huge sums on this.

The two largest platforms for creating and selling online courses are Udemy and Teachable.

These two have some differences that can be nice to be aware of before you start:

Udemy has its very own marketplace where you can offer your courses. This means that your courses can be found by anyone who applies for what they want to learn in the marketplace. Udemy is in many ways like “Netflix” for the course.

Teachable requires a greater extent than you market your course on your own, with, for example, advertising on social media, via your website, an email list, or the like.

But at the same time, Teachable makes it easier for you to adapt the look of the page to the online course better if you want to link it to your own brand.

Both Udemy and Teachable make it easy to upload course materials, manage customers and payments.

6. Sell designs, paintings, and drawings online

Sell Online
Sell Online

Are you a creative soul who likes to draw, paint, or general design things?

If you are good at design, you can make money on your designs online.

For example, you can upload your own designs to sites like Society6 and sell them on everything from prints to phone covers and t-shirts.

Pretty fun!

Here you have the opportunity to get started making money from your work without any start-up money.

You can create your own “shop” inside Society6 and choose which designs you want to show off.

When someone orders your design, it is sent directly to the customer.

In other words, you do not have to think about inventory and things like that.

If you have some good designs, you can quickly build up a nice passive income by selling your designs this way at Society6.


7. Sell photos and video online as a stock photo and stock video

Sell Stock photos and Videos Online
Sell Stock Photos and Videos Online

Love to take pictures or film videos?

There are loads of sites where you can post photos and movies that stock photos others can download for a fee.

One of the most popular sites is called Shutterstock. Businesses and marketers of all kinds need images and videos for websites, advertisements, and whatever.

Stock photo sites often have huge user bases, and if someone downloads your photo/video, you get paid.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with what are popular styles in the various marketplaces. Try to find your own niche and upload as many photos/videos within the niche as you can.

The greater the choice you have, the greater the chances of success.

Remember to “search optimize” captions, etc., so that they are easy to find for those who are looking for them.


8. Make money on the blog

How to Drive Traffic to your Website
How to Drive Traffic to your Website

If you are serious about making money online, you may want to consider starting a blog.


Please check out my blog on how to write a blog post.

Blogging is one of the simplest and most sustainable sources of income online. As long as the blog is set up in the right way, in the right niche, with the right content aimed at the right audience, and the offers fit well with the content, you can get a good passive income from the blog.

When we now talk about blogging, it is not this typical pink blogging. (But if you want to become a celebrity, you can, of course, make money from it too!)

Most people who make good money blogging write about topics within specific niches.

For example, health, diet and exercise, sports, consumer electronics, finance, food and cooking, gaming, interior design, fashion, or the like.

They create content that is as relevant today as tomorrow, next year, and in 5 years.

The most important thing is to find a topic you are interested in and know about which you can also find a way to make money.

Of course, it helps a lot if you like writing from before!

Starting a blog can be tiring, but it’s much easier when you understand the precise steps you need to take.

It all starts with choosing a profitable niche, pick the right domain name, and write about the right topics.

From there, you need to write good articles people actually want to read and fill up with great products and services.

You can then sell things like e-mail courses, e-books and the like.

Besides, you can sell products as an affiliate or through sponsored posts.

You can also place ads on your blog and earn some advertising revenue. Here, however, a high volume of readers is required for it to make any money out of it.

How do you create a blog?

To create a proper blog is the best way to use WordPress. WordPress is a standard used by most websites today – this one included.

The reason is that it is relatively easy to use, and you have good opportunities to optimize what is called SEO (tactics for ranking high on search engines like Google).

For example, to get started with your own WordPress blog or website, you can use Namecheap. Setting up WordPress on your own from scratch is difficult, and BlueHost allows you to buy web hosting with a pre-installed WordPress.

There are also even easier ways to create websites: 

You can create a website through WordPress that is recommended by most marketers and bloggers because of the flexibility you get or Check my blog on HOW YOU WILL EASILY CREATE YOUR OWN WEBSITE FROM A SCRATCH.


9. Make money on podcasts


Podcasts have exploded in popularity in recent years, and many people make a lot of money from their podcasts.

With podcasts, you can offer companies to advertise during the broadcast, for example, in the beginning, middle, and end.

Also, you can sell your own products/services during the podcast.

The key to successful podcasts is the same as most other items on this list:

Find a niche you can make money on and create “evergreen” content.

That is content that is relevant today, but also tomorrow, next year, and in five years.

Podcasts are not the easiest way to make money online as it takes a lot of time and planning to write record, and edit a podcast, but it is still worth considering!

A podcast can make you a lot of money; have patience even your a beginner in the online world.

10. Sell as an affiliate

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways you can make money online as an affiliate.

Being an affiliate means sending traffic to other companies online.

If one person clicks on the link from your site and buys something on the other side, you get a small portion of the amount they earn if it becomes a customer.

You can market products and services from, for example, ClickBank, Commission Junction, Rakuten Marketing, or Share-a-Sale.

An example is GetResponse, which I am an affiliate partner.

Also, many of the huge companies have their own affiliate programs. Perhaps the most famous affiliate program is Amazon’s, where you get a certain percentage to promote a product.

It is important to make a thorough effort and find the right company with a relevant product or service for your audience.

Selling as an affiliate is not easy in any way, and you need to build a significant audience for it to make some money.

You can achieve this by, for example, blogging about a specific topic or by starting a Youtube channel, Instagram profile, or building up an email list within a niche of products you can specialize in.

If you get a large enough audience, it can certainly be a nice, passive side income.

PS: In some cases, you need an active website that already has significant traffic to be approved as an affiliate.

11. Make money with Google AdSense ads

Google Ads
Google Ads

If you’ve visited any websites in your life, you’ve seen Google Adsense ads. These ads are everywhere, also on Youtube and in well-known Norwegian online newspapers. With good reason.

Not only are Adsense ads easy to set up on some basic websites, but they can also be lucrative when your site starts to drive a steady amount of traffic.

One of the best things about Google AdSense is that it is so easy to set up.

If you have a blog or a website with regular traffic, you can sign up for a free Google AdSense Account.

From there, Google will give you a unique code that you paste into your webpage.

Google takes it from there, tracking page views, traffic, and revenue on your behalf. It requires little work and maintenance to get it going, making it a no-brainer if you already have a website with traffic.

Of course, AdSense requires that you already have a website with a good deal of traffic to generate good revenue, but the opportunities to make money are there.

The best way to set up a website is with pre-installed WordPress from Namecheap. Alternatively, you can use Wix.

12. Email marketing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Starting an email newsletter may be one of the easiest things you can do to make money online, but it does require you to reach an audience.

If you’ve had an email address for a while, you’re probably a member of an email list or ten.

Whether you remember how you ended up on the list or not, you have, at some point, felt that you would get something in return for joining the email list.

A well-known phrase among internet marketers is “the money is in the list.”

If you manage to create an email list full of relevant people, you can quickly make a nice amount of money on email marketing.

The earlier you start, the more people you will reach.

Creating an email list within a niche is a great way to make money online. By sending out relevant newsletters to your target audience, they will appreciate them and feel like buying the products you recommend.

And if you send them some great deals with relevant products or services, the likelihood is high that they will shop by – or through you.

Some email lists actually earn several million dollars a month. And it started with just one email address!

Tools like GetResponse, Convertkit, Mailchimp, and Aweber make it easier than ever to start email marketing.

Here’s how:

  1. Find out which niche you want to offer content to and what the newsletters will be about.
  2. Choose a newsletter provider (Mailchimp, Convertkit, Drip, Aweber)
  3. Create a simple landing page where you can convert people to leave their email address
  4. Send traffic to the landing page with, for example, blogging, Youtube, Google Ads, or Facebook and Instagram ads.
  5. Send regular emails to your target audience with tips, advice, and great deals.

The goal of the email list is, of course, to make money. To do this, you must first create trust with the email list members via, for example, a blog, youtube channel, or channel in social media.

Want to learn more on and find out the powerful tool for you E-mail marketing funnel CLICK HERE

Later you can offer them products and services within your niche. For example, you can sell courses, your own digital products (e.g., an e-book, a simple computer program, app), or you can send them affiliate offers that are suitable for them.


13. Sell customers and leads to companies

Another way to make money online is by collecting leads and reselling them to companies that will pay for them.

Leads are potential customers who have shown interest in the services specific companies offer.

Imagine creating a Law Firm website and getting it high on Google.

You do a good job of getting it high on searches when, for example, you google “Lawyer in Bergen,” “Divorce lawyer Oslo” or similar.

If you have a lot of traffic to this site, you can sell your potential clients on to law firms willing to pay for them.

For example, by having a contact form on the tracking page that forwards traffic to them.

The higher the value a potential customer has for the business, the more you can charge per lead.


14. Publish your own book online

Are you walking around with a dream of becoming a best-selling author?

With Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publish, you can publish your very own books to a huge audience. You decide the price you want to sell your book for, and you keep 70% of the income yourself.

Amazon Kindle is the world’s largest marketplace for digital books, and many people have made a fortune selling books through their marketplace.

Amazon also allows you to publish “regular” books and audiobooks. Here are many opportunities for you who love to write, whether it is a novel, biography, or subject-related books.

The fact that it is easier than ever to publish a book also means more competition.

If you are excellent and able to write a good book, you will still have success.

Here are 3 tips to increase the likelihood of success with your own book:

  1. Make sure the book is within a niche, genre, or market without TOO much competition, but still a good foundation with readers.

Make a good effort to create an appealing book-cover design and a good description of the book. These are perhaps the two most important points to get your book sold.

Try to create a complete book series to dominate the entire market you want to sell books in.


15. Make money managing social media for businesses

Ways of making money online in 2020 have lots of opportunities, especially in social media.

Did you know that you can make money managing social media for businesses?

You probably already use most social media yourself, but many companies struggle to succeed on social media. You can help them with that!

For example, if you have little experience, you can offer them your services for free in the first month to see that you can deliver results for them.

PS: If you already have many followers yourself, it may be easier to convince a company to let you manage their accounts!

Here you should learn the advertising platforms for Facebook and Instagram, and it helps if you have previous knowledge of marketing.

But you can always take a course to learn that.

One of the BEST ways to make money online is to take a course that teaches you something you can get paid well for!

16. Rent out the room/house/apartment on Airbnb

This is a bit on the edge of what falls within the topic of making money online.

But do you have a room left over? A storage room you can decorate with a bed? Maybe an entire apartment, a house, or a cottage?

Then renting via Airbnb is an ingenious way to make extra money.

Upload photos and information to AirBnB’s marketplace, and they’ll fix the rest.

All you have to do is put on clean sheets before your new house guest.

Maybe you’ll get a new best friend?

Conclusion: There are many ways on how you can make money online even you’re a beginner!

The Internet has created the basis for a huge variety of business ideas one could only dream of in the past.

We are lucky to live in a time that makes it possible for anyone to make a lot of money online – whether by cutting out cat videos, making websites, or selling books and useful courses.

The suggestions we have made in this article are just the tip of the iceberg.

There are many competitors out there, but with smart work and hard work, the opportunities to make money online in 2020 are good and definitely present!


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